February 29th 2008

Four new Battlegames columns posted.

November 28th 2007

By now, it is probably clear to you all that I am struggling to keep the site updated. This is purely because of other drains on my time, my enjoying writing for Battlegames, and an effort to actually do some painting rather than just talk about it. I am not sure what to do about the situation. As a bare minimum I hope to update and streamline the links pages and add some new photos. Most likely is that I will abandon unrealistic efforts to do monthly updates, keep the links going and effectively have it as a quarterly. Please bear with me.

Meanwhile, here are some new links.

July 21st 2007

Still alive. June and July have been mad at work, so sadly no time for a major update. Sorry, but them's the breaks. I have also had some FTP issues at my webhost. This time, some new links and Battlegames column five for your delectation. Site of the Month is pretty amazing, I think you'll find. Normal service resumes in August, and I have a nice new camera...

May 2nd 2007

New Site of the Month and some rather good links.

April 12th 2007

New Site of the Month.

March 3rd 2007

New Site of the Month.

February 10th 2007

New Site of the Month.

January 18th 2007

Thanks to Henry Hyde at Battlegames who has posted my recent Forward Observer columns on his site. You will find links here to the first four, and more will follow after a time delay. If you want to read them as they are published, Henry will gladly sell you a subscription!

January 10th 2007

New guest gallery added - Rob Santucci - and Site of the Month updated.

December 13th 2006

Well, straight after my Christmas Lunch today, I called into WHSmith and found the January issue of WI. Still no Notebook column, so that is that. My legendary patience has expired. I have therefore uploaded the three columns that have been sitting around since August. Apologies for the content being somewhat dated. I'll use the Christmas break to take stock and see what the future holds.

Notebook 61, 62 and 63.

November 28th 2006

New Site of the Month, and a couple of new links this time. I apologise for the continued lack of Notebooks. There are two sitting with WI which keep 'slipping'. Until they run in WI I have agreed not to post them here. Hopefully the first will appear in the January issue. If it doesn't, I will post here anyway. Meanwhile, Battlegames 5 is imminent.

October 6th 2006

New links added, including Iago - a promising new blog from Peter Palmer.

September 21st 2006

New Site of the Month, and several new links. Battlegames 4 is about to go to the printers, and there should be a Notebook in the next WI. Dreamweaver 8 now running the show, which gave rise to some FTP problems, now resolved. Derby, SELWG and Essen shows will make a hole in next month, but I hope to be back to something like monthly updates. Then it is Warfare, and Christmas.... Whoosh! I have a strange desire to be in Cornwall.

September 1st 2006

Right, definite progress. Finished models are starting to roll off the workbench, I have completed three columns for WI (over 10,000 words in total), my FunAgain and Battlegames columns continue and I have now found my camera and tripod. Watch out for activity on all fronts! This time, new links and a new Site of the Month.

August 6th 2006

Okay, starting to pick up speed now. A few new links added today, mainly thanks to Joe Videki's eagle eye. House is getting to the point where I don't need to do any work on it, even though I could and should.... Battlegames 3 has just been published and if you aren't reading it, why not? Hoping to post a Notebook soon and in time there should be some new photos. Yes, I am aware that I have been saying that since 2003.

July 12th 2006

Very slow at the moment. Sorry. House continues to sap time and strength, and I have started a new boardgames column at FunAgain.com. Added some links and updated Site of the Month with a look at terrain builders. Celebrating five years of erratic web page provision!

April 24th 2006

Still here, running a bit behind as I had a couple of weeks in the States and the house is, well, the house. Updated some links today, including the format, and there is a new piece in May's Wargames Illustrated that I did as a special for my mate Steve Barber. Notebook 61 is underway and will appear in WI and here in due time. Battlegames 1 is out and selling well, and issue 2 is due in May.

New Site of the Month, Artizan Designs, can be found here.

February 28th 2006

Well, things are stabilising slowly on the house front and just as soon as I have emptied some of the hundred odd boxes still left, I will hopefully get back to full blown hobby status.

I am also very pleased to note that February was the first month over 100,000 hits on the site. Normally it bobs along around the 70,000 to 80,000 mark, but this month must have been cold or something. Thanks for the continuing interest; hopefully I can get some new pictures into the galleries at long last.

New Site of the Month here.

January 13th 2006
Happy New Year.

At the moment I am in the middle of a bit of a disaster area. I finally, after four years search, found the house I wanted to buy. And did. Turns out it wasn't quite finished, so I am now in a legal dispute. Yes, I know, I am jinxed. Anyway.

Notebook 60 is posted today, along with some new links and a new Site of the Month. Also be sure to check out Drabant Miniatures - Mmmmmm!

December 15th 2005
I am very pleased to draw your attention to the following announcement of a new hobby magazine - Battlegames. Long overdue, a great development, and I wish it all the best.

December 6th 2005
I suppose this could get confusing....
Notebook 60 has just been published in WI Jan 2006, which carries a web embargo. It will therefore appear here towards the end of January. Notebook 61 should be in WI March 2006, and will appear here at the end of that month. Notebook 62 will probably be a web only interview, and may appear soon. Notebook 63 should again be in WI, but I am getting ahead of myself. I suppose I should come up with a better numbering system, but at the moment I am designing a game, buying a house and doing my tax form...

October 30th 2005
Czapska is dead! Long live, er, me. Two reasons, mainly: I am cutting back on URLs and czapska is, according to my Polish correspondent, misspelt. So I am just going to drop the title, probably around Christmas time, which in fairness no one could ever remember anyway.

Anyone with inbound links has
been contacted. The new URL, which will work from today, is


September 28th 2005
Notebook 59 posted. An unusual one... but good stuff I think. Site of the Month instituted in links - this month it is The General's Review. Added links for Calpe (long awaited!) and Spencer Smith.

September 14th 2005
I am pleased to report there may now be progress on Notebooks appearing in WI. I spoke to Duncan at Partizan and he has assured me the next column will appear. Unfortunately, this will mean some juggling of text and slight delays on the website update. Look out for column 59 soon, and 60 in a few weeks.

Elsewhere, pretty much all thoughts are turned to Old School Wargaming. More in Notebook!

Also, being something of a crossroads for the website, it seems a good time to mention that communication can, in fact, be two way (though you wouldn't think it following my recent survey of reciprocal links). For those webmasters who don't yet have a link in to my site, especially those who have badgered me for a link out to theirs, it might be a good time to spend the ten minutes to build a bridge. Thanks in advance.

July 8th 2005
Three Notebooks posted today, 56, 57 and 58.

My thoughts are with those killed or injured in yesterday's atrocity in London, and their families and friends.

June 1st 2005
Following discussions at Partizan, I have to advise you that I have no clear idea why Notebook is no longer appearing in WI. Duncan has had two columns for over three months now.

Also, just out is the great new site from Skirmish Wargames.

April 24th 2005
A few more links added following an excellent Salute show. Inspiration and enthusiasm return! Just need an extra four hours per day to do everything.

April 10th 2005
Just a few new links including Ma.K. (my latest fad) and Bolt Action. Notebooks 56 and 57 well underway. See some of you at Salute?

R.I.P.: The Harrow Model Shop. The best there was.

February 18th 2005
Notebooks 54 and 55 posted, you lucky, lucky people. 54 got a bit long, so I chopped it in half.

February 10th 2005
Phil Olley's excellent new site added and thanks to Joe Videki I finally found a great site for Bill Horan images - the greatest figures on the planet. Also added Boardgame links. Notebook 54 imminent!

December 31st 2004
The League of Augsburg's new site came online over the holidays, so I did some more updating to the links. Notebook 54 well underway. Happy New Year!

December 17th 2004
Added more links including various paper figure sites, completed London retail and started work on Parisian retail. Probably last update for the year, look for a new Notebook and links in February. I will probably break up the Links page then, as it is getting long. And a site re-design beckons.

November 29th 2004
Added quite a few more links including Brian Phillips Painting Service and Back of Beyond Times. Also started work on retail shops section of links.

November 14th 2004
Added a few painting links. New links now dated.

October 25th 2004
Added Tony Harwood Guest Gallery. Fixed links so that they open a new window with correct URL.

October 20th 2004
Notebook 53  posted. Notebook 54 likely to be a rules system special, but who really knows these things? Added some links.

September 15th 2004
Notebook 52  posted. Notebook 53 soon. Added some links.

June 21st 2004
Notebook 51  posted. Is that the year already? Added link for the excellent Chiltern Miniatures - long overdue.

November 24th 2003

Notebook 50 posted. (Hurrah!)

October 27th 2003

A slight hiatus, for which apologies. Chaos reigns. I am still moving house. The old server company held my URLs hostage. New servers now in place. Notebook 50 is about half written. I am hopeful of permanent accommodation with a few weeks, at which time there should be more articles but probably no new pics for a while. Anyway, at least the site is back up.

May 12th 2003
Notebook 49 posted. Includes Legends of Araby review. Some minor work done to links, including new ones added in hand coded HTML. It's almost a form of torture.

Almost a half century of Notebooks. Is there a prize?

April 8th 2003
Notebook 48 posted.

Still writing, not painting....

March 13th 2003
Notebook 47 posted.

Apologies for the delay. I am moving house and am not able to access my figures, paints and camera for a while.... Now that is a new sensation! Work continues on the paint survey. At the risk of jinxing it, I am hoping to visit Bill Gaskin for a photoshoot in the near future.

November 14th 2002
Notebook 46 posted.

October 20th 2002
Notebook 45 posted.

September 16th 2002
Notebook 44 posted and a number of links added and updated - including many painting related links that I am sure you will enjoy. More of my pictures hopefully to come in the near future. Again, apologies for the unavoidable delay.

June 20th 2002
Nothing happening, just an apology. In addition to work and an impending house move, I had a bad fall recently which has set me back a month. Nevertheless, a Notebook is underway, I have several new pictures and loads of new links to update. As soon as I get time, the site will be updated.

March 9th 2002
Notebook 43 posted.

February 13th 2002
Three new pictures added to Mark Wilkin's gallery. Notebook 42 posted. Notebook 43 due within a month.

January 26th 2002

New pictures added to Units, Single Figures and Workbench galleries. Three more images added to Thomas Foss' guest gallery. Links updated with several new sites. Notebook 42 imminent.

November 20th 2001

Notebook 41 posted. New picture added to Mark Wilkin's gallery (and what a picture). Sales & Wants section added.

November 6th 2001
New Guest Gallery added from John Ray. New picture added to Mark Wilkin's Gallery. Various new pictures added to workbench and galleries, including several in vehicles and single figures. Some pictures upgraded. Links updated. Commissions introduced.

September 15th 2001
New pictures added to Thomas Foss's gallery. New Guest Gallery from John Boadle. Notebook 40 posted.

August 18th 2001
Minor layout revisions. Logo changed. News section added. Galleries redesigned. No new content.

August 12th 2001
New links added.

July 2nd 2001
Website launched.



Mike Sig